Welcome to Stepping Stones

Since 1998, we have been helping people from all over the world build new lives free from the devastating effects of addiction…

Situated in the seaside village of Kommetjie, outside Cape Town, Stepping Stones is a licensed psychiatric hospital specialising in the treatment of alcohol and other drug addictions, gambling addiction, compulsive sexual behaviour, codependency and other behavioural addictions.

Reputation for Providing World-Class Addiction Treatment.

Our long-established reputation for providing world-class addiction treatment in a beautiful, safe and nurturing environment, has seen people from all over the world coming to complete both our primary and secondary care programmes.

Highly Experienced Multi-disciplinary Team

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team is passionately committed to providing every client with the best possible individualized care. We pride ourselves on blending our diverse skills into 12 Step-based, holistic programmes that offer a rich, life-changing treatment experience, within a structured, supportive environment.

Recognized Experts in the Treatment of Dual-diagnosed Clients

We are also recognized experts in the treatment of dual-diagnosed clients, where effective treatment of both the addiction and any co-existing psychiatric disorder is essential to recovery.

Families are Involved and Supported

As addiction significantly affects families and loved ones, they are involved and supported throughout the client’s treatment.

We give clients the time they need to make real and enduring changes

After completing our four-week primary programme, clients can choose to stay on a further two months for our secondary programme at The Beach House. This provides a supportive environment to practice the tools of recovery and new, effective ways of living, before returning home.

To all at Stepping Stones, I would like to thank each and every single one of you for showing me a new way of life, a life free from active addiction. I will be clean (and somewhat serene) for 2 years this Sunday. I had no idea how much fun life could actually be. I have now found a fantastic career; I have a beautiful fianc√© and a house that is all my own, thanks to the gifts of recovery…. Read More
L (South Africa)

To all the counsellors: thank you, thank you so much!! You saved a life, a mother, a child! I’m proud to be 2 years clean and sober and I have enjoyed those 2 years! When I came back in Belgium, I changed my life. I moved into another house. I looked for healthy hobbies. I enjoy being mother and my sons are doing great! The connection with my family is so warm and loving… Read More
M (Belgium)

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